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Property Investment Calculators

Your Guide to Making the Right Investments

Australian Property Club aims to help Australians make the right decisions when it comes to managing their finances and building their wealth. In line with this goal, we've developed a range of property investment calculators and tools as a guide for proper financial management.

How Can Our Calculators Help?

Our calculators are designed to show you, your own cashflow position and how much you are worth based on your assets and liabilities.  All you need to do is input the required information to get the estimated results and start to understand your financial position, so you can plan for future investment opportunites. 

  • Cashflow Position

    Cashflow Position

    With multiple categories, our Cashflow Position calculator allows you to determine your current position with detailed precision.

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  • What Am I Worth? (Assets & Liabilities)

    What Am I Worth

    Determine exactly how much you are worth when all of your assets and liabilities are combined.

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Professional Advice

We've made extra effort to show and ensure the accuracy of the results from our calculators, but we still advise members to get insight from experts. The results only serve as a guide and do not pertain to any actual quote or offer from loan providers or any financial institution. If you have any questions about the results, our team of professionals would be more than glad to help.

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