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APC Property Webinars

We are in the process of building a series of webinars that you teach you how to:

  • Fund and find the Right Investments
  • Master the secrets of the “Leverage Loan”
  • Maximise your Return on Investments
  • Plan your Strategy “using the 13 wealth building exercises”


Why Webinars and not Seminars?

Whilst Seminars are a more traditional method of attending a learning session, Webinars provide you the convenience of being able to tune in at a time that suits you, and in the comfort of your own house.

Investment Seminar

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Why should you register for our next webinar?

Property Investment Webinars

Property investment should begin with a good grasp of different areas of financial management. Understanding the current financial position is also important to know the strategies to take for better management of finances. When it comes to these objectives, Australian Property Club can help.

We specialise in helping Australians maximise their finances and save enough money for their future. Our team offers a range of programs and holds investment seminars to help people build their wealth. Join our club and get advice from different financial experts.

Expand Your Financial Knowledge

Managing finances isn't simply about keeping track of what you spend and save; it also involves an in-depth understanding of your financial situation to create an effective strategy. This is what our investment property seminars aim to achieve. By attending our seminars, you can learn how to make the right investments and maximise your ROI. You can even join discussions with top financial experts about several key topics.

Reap Great Rewards

The experience isn't the only reward you can get from our seminars. Refer others to our investment webinars and receive a Money Makeover from Stephen Zamykal. You can also receive personal coaching and other services from our A-Team of professionals.

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