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13 Wealth Building Exercises


7. Loan structure check and interest rate challenge

Investment Property Australia – 8. Home loan health check - Australian Property Club

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Setting up your loans so you can take the most advantage of lending criteria is an essential element of any great property investment strategy. You have the opportunity to save piles of money on interest and maximise your borrowing potential while remaining in an unrestricted and flexible loan structure.

The loan strategy we outline will allow you to purchase premium investment properties without spending a cent of your own money. Think about it: an investment property without having to compromise your lifestyle. That sounds good, but who pays for it?

The bank does.

At this point, we will ensure correct loan structuring while putting you in the most competitively priced loans. Almost always we can save clients’ money when comparing their existing loans.

Getting the bank to pay for an investment property that you will eventually own outright takes a good understanding of how banks work and the lending criteria they apply. We educate you on the 16 steps to mastering the leverage loan – the secret ingredient in the strategy that will lead to your financial independence and the kind of retirement that most people only dream about.

Why not get your loans structured right at the most competitive rates. It starts here with a home loan health check.

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